Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Monday, March 6, 2023

"HBHF": Winners of February 2023

It's time to announce the winners of FEBRUARY'S CONTEST!

Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:


Honorable Mention

πŸ† 404

Alvaro Aldana Correia



Best Music Video

Best Director

Best Actress (Angelica Jasmine Colombo)

πŸ† A Challenge in the Haunted Asylum

Federica Alice Carlino



Best Mystery

πŸ† At the fence

Max Albrecht


Best Dark Comedy

πŸ† Brad's New Job

B. J. Halsall



Best Feature

Best Director

Best Actor (Randy Wayne)

Best Actress (Sadie Katz)

Best Supporting Actor (Gianni Capaldi)

Best Supporting Actress (Darcy Demoss)

Best Ensemble (Randy Wayne, Elissa Dowling, Sadie Katz, Darcy Demoss, Isaac Singleton, Sarah French, Augie Duke)

Best Cinematography (Gerry Lively)

Best Editing (Asif Akbar)

Best Original Score (Daniel Berk)

πŸ† Clown fear

Minh Collins


Best Original Screenplay

πŸ† Daddy

Jake Ryan Zuccolotto



Best Drama

πŸ† Dark realities

Matthew Toffolo



Best Action/Adventure

Best Director

Best Duo (Sam Kellerman, Jade London)

πŸ† Enter the Drag Dragon

Lee Gordon Demarbre


Best Animated

Best Original Score (Thomas Muschitz)

Best VFX (Anthony Wood)

πŸ† Gretel Redux

Thomas Muschitz, James Barany



Best Original Screenplay

Best Poster

πŸ† Leapers

SherLann D. Moore



Best Mystery

Best Producers (James Seyer, Lance Gibbs)

Best Director

Best Actor (Matt Sweatt)

Best Actress (Lexi Graves)

Best Supporting Actor (Gage Cattoni)

Best Supporting Actress (Aedin Waldorf)

Best Ensemble (Lexi Graves, Matt Sweatt, Aedin Waldorf, Gage Cattoni, Travis Ammons)

Best Editing (Alejandro Saenz Jr.)

Best Sound Design (Demetria Dixon)

Best Costume Design (Shatorey Watson)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling (Sarah Staples)

Best Trailer

Best Poster

πŸ† Men in Cars

Molly Vernon



Best Feature

Best Director

Best Editing (Mathew Bonta, Gregory Klino)

Best Special FX (Makalya Horrocks)

Best Poster

πŸ† Midnight bloodshed

Mathew Bonta



Best Thriller

Best First Time Director

Best Supporting Actor (Cruz Anthony Herrera)

Best Supporting Actress (Andrea Meier)

Best Young Actor (Ryan Jason Situn)

Best Cinematography (David Gonzalez)

Best Editing (Victor Manzo)

Best Production Design (Sarah Brooks, Ashley Miller)

πŸ† Santas little helper

Sarah Brooks



Best Gore

Best First Time Director

Best Actor (Cade Guillory)

Best Actress (Nicole Morgan)

Best Ensemble (Nicole Morgan, Cade Guillory, Jon Turner, Kim Scharff Snyder)

Best Special Makeup (Oleksandr Muzychenko)

πŸ† Severance mountain

Ethan D. Henry


Best Sci-Fi

Best Director

Best Actress (Erica McAdams)

Best Poster

πŸ† The Apophenia

E. E. Tallent


Best Fantasy

Best Producer (Marc Blasweiler)

Best First Time Director

Best Actor (Marc Blasweiler)

Best Actress (Nicole Schuhmacher)

Best Supporting Actor (Peter Groß-Paaß)

Best Supporting Actress (Chii Rempel)

Best Cinematography (Ingo Krausen)

Best Sound Design (Marc Blasweiler)

Best Original Score (Jan Glembotzki)

Best VFX (Marc Blasweiler)

Best Costume Design (Melissa Charlot May)

Best Special FX (Karsten Loffeld)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling (Beate Krebsbach)

Best Trailer

Best Poster 

πŸ† The fate of Cysalion

Marc Blasweiler



Best Original Screenplay

πŸ† The other me

Joshua Rahymes



Best Horror

Best Producer (Joshua Cleave)

Best Director

Best Editing (Joshua Cleave)

πŸ† The Rage - Part 2

Joshua Cleave



Best Original Screenplay

πŸ† Why are Demons so ugly and Angels not?

Patrick Kalish, Andres Garcia



Honorable Mention

πŸ† Windows

Malti Kheireddine


Best Original Screenplay

πŸ† Winter solstice

Armand Arekian



Best Horror

Best Director

Best Actress (Megan Henry)

Best Cinematography (Jonathan Heap)

Best Sound Design (Daniel Benshimon)

Best Original Score (Roy Hay)

Best VFX (Matt Cunningham)

πŸ† You're it

Jonathan Heap


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