Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Friday, August 5, 2022

"HBHF": Winners of July 2022

It's time to announce the winners of JUNE'S CONTEST!

Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:


- Best Feature:

"The Haddonfield Nightmare" (Braden Timmons, USA)

- Best Horror:

"Hindsight" (Drew Suppa, USA)

"On the inside" (Pål Gustavsen, Norway)

- Best Sci-Fi:

"Chasing Phantoms" (Greg Berg, USA)

"Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story" (Ash Hamilton, USA)

- Best Thriller:

"Sugar, silence, everyday violence" (Chris Bollinger, USA)


- Best Gore:

"Birth" (Ozlem Altingoz, USA)

"Tenebris Abyssi" (Luis Lambert, Argentina)

- Best Mystery:

"The American Crow" (Eric F. Adams, USA)

- Best Action/Adventure:

"Stalag III-C" (Jason Rogan, Belarus)


- Best Comedy:

"Doppelgangers" (Jef Figallo, USA)

"Finding Pepe" (Ashley Landrieu, USA)


- Best Producer:

Ozlem Altingoz for "Birth" (USA)

Greg Berg for "Chasing Phantoms" (USA)

Jason Rogan, Yury Gromik, Constantine Samarin for "Stalag III-C" (Belarus)

Braden Timmons, Blair Ford, Misael Barrientos, Don Murphy, Zack Dionne for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA) 


- Best Director:

Ash Hamilton for "Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story" (USA)

Chris Bollinger for "Sugar, silence, everyday violence" (USA)

Jason Rogan for "Stalag III-C" (Belarus)

Eric F. Adams for "The American Crow" (USA)

Luis Lambert for "Tenebris Abyssi" (Argentina) 


- Best First Time Director:

Ozlem Altingoz for "Birth" (USA)

Greg Berg for "Chasing Phantoms" (USA)

Drew Suppa for "Hindsight" (USA)

Braden Timmons for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA)

- Best Actor:

Dustin Ardine for "Birth" (USA)

Kevin Michael Moran for "Chasing Phantoms" (USA)

Håvard Sveberg for "On the inside" (Norway)

Andrew Ferguson for "Sugar, silence, everyday violence" (USA)

Peter Djuric for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA)

- Best Actress:

Isabel Serrano for "Birth" (USA)

Monauar Lutfi for "Chasing Phantoms" (USA)

Tamara Rodriguez for "Sugar, silence, everyday violence" (USA)

Cait Kelly for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA)

- Best Supporting Actor:

Eririk Iversen for "On the inside" (Norway)

Tony Bartele for "Sugar, silence, everyday violence" (USA)

Andre McGraw for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA)

- Best Supporting Actress:

Lexa Gluck for "Sugar, silence, everyday violence" (USA)

Alice Bozga for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA)

- Best Acting Duo:

Kevin Michael Moran, Monauar Lutfi for "Chasing Phantoms" (USA)

- Best Acting Ensemble:

Håvard Sveberg, Eririk Iversen, Erik Richvoldsen, Hannele Sarenborg for "On the inside" (Norway)

Sam Falconi, Vadim Gitlin, Henri Falconi for "Stalag III-C" (Belarus)

Peter Djuric, Cait Kelly, Andre McGraw, Alice Bozga, Andrew Cawley, Niko El Santo Zavero for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA)

- Best Cinematography:

Bradford Hamilton for "Birth" (USA)

Guy Livneh for "Chasing Phantoms" (USA)

Vladan Pavich for "Stalag III-C" (Belarus)

Zack Dionne, Donald Murphy for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA)

- Best Editing: 

Thom Newell for "Birth" (USA)

Michael J. Rix for "Stalag III-C" (Belarus)

Luis Lambert for "Tenebris Abyssi" (Argentina)

- Best Sound Design:

John W. Rampey for "Chasing Phantoms" (USA)

Maxwell Carney for "Hindsight" (USA)

Sound Surgeon Studios for "Stalag III-C" (Belarus)

- Best Original Score:

Espen Gustavsen for "On the Inside" (Norway)

Eric Iskowitz for "The American Crow" (USA)

Adrian Emond for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA)

- Best Original Screenplay:

"Abaddon: The King of the Locusts" (Aric Andres Garcia, USA)

"Blue Honey" (SherLann Dearri Moore, USA)

"Derelict" (Blake Ryan McGinnis, USA)

"Jasperwood" (Brittany Marasciulo-Rivera, USA)

"Pietra Fredda" (Matthew Nicholson, USA)

"The kind of dinner that runs" (Christopher Henry Buonopane, USA)

"The sicken: origins" (Danny Alex, USA)

- Best VFX:

R. Christopher Biggs for "Birth" (USA)

- Best Costume Design:

Natalya Odincova for "Stalag III-C" (Belarus)


- Best Special FX:

Maria Perry, Alexandra Bates for "Hindsight" (USA)

Alex Dubko for "Stalag III-C" (Belarus)

Michael Lawrence for "The Haddonfield Nightmare" (USA)

- Best Special Makeup:

Nelson Cooper for "Birth" (USA)

Luis Lambert for "Tenebris Abyssi" (Argentina)

Julie Toche for "The American Crow" (USA)


- Best Makeup and Hairstyling:

Rebecca Vandervort for "Sugar, silence, everyday violence" (USA)


- Best Production Design:

Bryan Barrios for "Birth" (USA)

- Best Trailer:

"Psychotica" (Brian W. Smith, Vincent Viñas, USA)

"That doll ain’t right!" (Brian W. Smith, Vincent Viñas, USA)

"The heart of them" (Mohammad Fikree, United Arab Emirates)

- Best Poster:

"The Haddonfield Nightmare" (Barry Cameron, USA)

"The heart of them" (Mohammad Fikree, United Arab Emirates)

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