Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Thursday, July 7, 2022

"HBHF": Winners of June 2022

It's time to announce the winners of JUNE'S CONTEST!

Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:


- Best Feature:

"Scavengers" (Andrew William Chapman, USA)

- Best Horror:

"Highway" (Tomás Roldán, Argentina)

"Night Shift" (Ali F. Mostafa, United Arab Emirates)

- Best Sci-Fi:

"Shift" (James Croke, Australia)

- Best Thriller:

"A Bump in the Night" (Jae Michael Stromberg, USA)


- Best Fantasy:

"In the night" (Rudy Keil, France)

- Best Gore:

"Carved" (Jay Palmieri Jr., USA)

- Best Mystery:

"Woodshedding" (Viktor Herrmann, USA)

- Best Crime:

"Patricia" (Jesús De Miguel, Spain)


- Best Animated:

"Pox" (Simon Young, Austria)


- Honorable Mentions:

"Carnivores" (Grace Merrill, USA)

"Devil you didn't know" (Andrew Kopacz, USA)

"Range Road" (Eric Taylor, Canada)

"The Windigo" (Joseph Jesus Murillo, USA)


- Best Producer:

Ali F. Mostafa, Hind Al Basti, Adnan Peter AlMalki for "Night Shift" (United Arab Emirates) 

Jessica Cribb for "Shift" (Australia)

- Best Director:

Tomás Roldán for "Highway" (Argentina)

Rudy Keil for "In the night" (France) 

Ali F. Mostafa for "Night Shift" (United Arab Emirates)

 Jesús De Miguel for ""Patricia" (Spain)

Simon Young for "Pox" (Austria)

- Best First Time Director:

Jae Michael Stromberg for "A Bump in the Night" (USA)

Andrew William Chapman for "Scavengers" (USA)

James Croke for "Shift" (Australia)

Viktor Herrmann for "Woodshedding" (USA)

- Best Actor:

Brad A. Stromberg for "A Bump in the Night" (USA) 

Mouss Benameur for "In the night" (France)

Rashed Hasan for "Night Shift" (United Arab Emirates)

Rafael Kyokai for "Patricia" (Spain)

Ray Cunningham for "Scavengers" (USA)

Lindsay Farris for "Shift" (Australia)

- Best Actress:

Catalina Silva Roldán for "Highway" (Argentina)

Raquel Holgado for "Patricia" (Spain)

Amy Keum for "Woodshedding" (USA)

- Best Supporting Actor:

Abdulla Alhemairi for "Night Shift" (United Arab Emirates)

- Best Supporting Actress:

Angelina Fellini for "In the night" (France)

Emma Frances for "Woodshedding" (USA)

- Best Acting Duo:

Rashed Hasan, Abdulla Alhemairi for "Night Shift" (United Arab Emirates)

- Best Acting Ensemble:

Catalina Silva Roldán, Lautaro Sosa Ruiz, Quimey Orcellet Adami, Bruno Roude for "Highway" (Argentina)

Lindsay Farris, Shameer Birges, Chloe Schwank, Rob Flanagan for "Shift" (Australia) 

Amy Keum, Emma Frances, Daniel "Danson" Ortiz Jr. for "Woodshedding" (USA)

- Best Cinematography:

Ahmed Abdulqader for "Night Shift" (United Arab Emirates)

Andrew William Chapman, Larry Dubose for "Scavengers" (USA)

Velinda Wardell for "Shift" (Australia) 

Ben Heald for "Woodshedding" (USA)

- Best Editing: 

Jae Michael Stromberg for "A Bump in the Night" (USA)

Camille Richir for "In the night" (France)

Christopher Mill for "Shift" (Australia)

- Best Sound Design:

Khutso Ledwaba, Nate Akrom for "Scavengers" (USA)

Nathan Codner for "Shift" (Australia)

- Best Original Score:

Felipe López Trasmonte for "Highway" (Argentina)

Kevin Robles for "Woodshedding" (USA)

- Best Original Screenplay:

"Apocryphal" (Hudson Henry Franzoni, USA)

"Code Blue" (Joe Boi, USA)

"Otaktay" (Tracie Jules, USA)

"Red Bud" (Kay Phillips, USA)

"Sledgehog: A Grimm Tale" (Allison Hanna, USA)

"Stages" (Claire Haines, USA)

"The delusional PA" (Frank Mancuso, USA)

"The watchkeeper" (Kevin Wilson, UK)

- Best VFX:

Lee Jackson for "Scavengers" (USA)

Aaron Auty, Anthony Tan for "Shift" (Australia)

- Best Special FX:

Rebia Touchal for "In the night" (France)

Alan Tuskes, Roger Miller, Ron George, Travis Kendall, Katelyn M. Allen, Kristi Stephen for "Scavengers" (USA)

- Best Special Makeup:

Angela Cannatelli, Shannon Ryan for "Woodshedding" (USA)


- Best Makeup and Hairstyling:

Fani Carmona, Blanca Contreras for "Patricia" (Spain)


- Best Production Design:

Shirley Palmieri, Jay Palmieri Jr., Debbie Palmieri McConnell for "Carved" (USA)

Jesús De Miguel for "Patricia" (Spain)

- Best Trailer:

"Pox" (Simon Young, Austria)

"Shift" (James Croke, Australia)

- Best Poster:

"Carved" (Duke Winn, USA)

"Code Blue" (Joe Boi, USA)

"Red Bud" (Kay Phillips, USA)

"In the night" (Rudy Keil, France) 

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