Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Monday, October 5, 2020

"HBHF": Winners of September 2020

It's time to announce the winners of SEPTEMBER'S CONTEST!
Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:


- Best Feature:
"Death by water" (Venu Nair, India)

- Best Horror:
"Do you see it?" (Sergio Guerra, USA)
"Payback" (Sidney van den Hout, Netherlands)
"The Erl King" (Callum Windsor, UK)

- Best Sci-Fi:
"Freedom & Fear" (Johannes Ziegler, Germany)

- Best Thriller:
"Not Alone"
(Lance J. Reha, USA)
The Heartthrob" (Gazanfer Biricik, France)

- Best Fantasy:
"Revenge of the Supermom" (Sara Page, Canada)
"The inverted woman" (Santi Planet, Spain)

- Best Gore:
"Pastiche" (Shivaan Makker, USA)
(Ulbrecht Tomas, USA)

- Best Dark Comedy:
"Play Date" (Herb Cremer, Joe Cremer, USA)

- Best Mystery:
"Gaia" (Kadu Zargalio, Brazil)
"Home Trip"
(Garrett Knowles, USA)

- Best Crime:
"Wild Card" (Brittany Benedict, USA)

- Best Action/Adventure:
"Failed State" (Brian Jackson, USA)
"The wrong day"
(Dan Tudor, Romania)

- Best Drama:
"Bloodlines" (Todd Royal, USA)

- Best Animated:
"Friends with death" (Jim McKenzie, USA)

- Best TV/Web Series:
"I’m looking for you" (Alejandro Chapa, Canada)

- Best Comedy:
(Deepak Reddy, India)

- Best Documentary:
"The customer is always right?" (Carter Hadlow, Talen Ukiyo, Canada)


- Best Producer:
Shivaan Makker, Sidd Makker for "Pastiche" (USA)

- Best Director:
Garrett Knowles for "Home trip" (USA)

- Best First Time Director:
Callum Windsor for "The Erl King" (Uk)
Dan Tudor for "The wrong day" (Romania) 

- Best Actor:
Brian Jackson for "Failed State" (USA)

- Best Actress:
Sabine Heinen for "Take me home" (Germany)

- Best Supporting Actor:
Sergio Guerra for "Do you see it?" (USA)
- Best Supporting Actress:
Drishika Chander for "Manasanamaha" (India)
Barbara Boronat for "The Heartthrob" (France)

- Best Young Actor:
Marcel Gómez for "The inverted woman" (Spain)

- Best Young Actress:
Abbey Hafer for "Play Date" (USA)
Abriella Grace Ruby for "You’re it" (USA)

- Best Acting Ensemble:
Nick DeMatteo, Alex Perez , Vanessa Cleary, Alex Montaldo for "Pastiche" (USA)
Scott Blow, Damian Alan Mancino, Samantha Callison, Finch Moore for "Wild Card" (USA)

- Best Acting Duo:
Sergio Guerra, Alison Pringle for "Do you see it?" (USA) 
Dan Gregory, Kristen Hutchins for "Not Alone" (USA)
Louise Elliker, Lewis Hyman for "The Erl King" (UK) 

 - Best Cinematography:
Istvan Lettang for "Pastiche" (USA)

- Best Editing:
Jim McKenzie for "Friends with death" (USA)    
Gazanfer Biricik for "The Heartthrob" (France)

- Best Sound Design:
Soumen Paul for "The Stranger" (India)

- Best Original Score:
Garrett Knowles for "Home Trip" (USA)
Charlie Parkin for "The Erl King" (UK)

- Best Original Screenplay:
"Angel City" (Al Mertens, USA)
(Alicia Ocana, USA)
"Devil's Ridge"
(Geoffrey Gould, USA)

- Best VFX:
Paolo Bertola for "Maya - The Sacrifice" (USA)

- Best Costume Design:
Raveena Kandregula for "Manasanamaha" (India)

- Best Special FX:
Sophie Hinteregger for "The Erl King" (UK)

- Best Makeup and Hairstyling:
Pavan, Madu for "Manasanamaha" (India)
Karly Findley, Abbey Fraser-Saddleback, Rachel Kiu Hor Wong, Martha Camara for "Revenge of the Supermom" (Canada)

- Best Special Makeup:
Sidney van den Hout for "Payback" (Netherlands)

- Best Production Design:
Dani Hilzenrath for "Pastiche" (USA) 

- Best Trailer:
"Failed State" (Brian Jackson, USA)
"Love thy neighbour"
(Nisha Kapoor, Deidre Jantjies, USA)
"Maya - The Sacrifice"
(Maria Brenda, Paolo Bertola, USA)

- Best Poster:
"Manasanamaha" (Deepak Reddy, India)

- Best Photography:
"Sweeney Todd" (Becky Doyon, USA)

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