Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Sunday, August 9, 2020

"HBHF": Winners of July 2020

It's time to announce the winners of JULY'S CONTEST!
Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:


- Best Feature:
"Designated driver" (Diego Brazzo, USA)
"Re-Elected" (Max Radbill, USA)

- Best Horror:
"100 Bodies" (Felicia Rivers, USA)
"Mark of the Rougarou" (Erica Duke, USA)
"Soon comes night" (Austin Rourke, USA)

- Best Sci-Fi:
"(Dys)Functional" (Adam Nowak, Poland)
(Will Sidaros, USA)

- Best Thriller:
"Take me home" (Robert Peichl, Germany)
"The cursed drop" (Emanuele Pecoraro)
"Vestige" (Anthony Thornton-Hopwood, UK)

- Best Fantasy:
"Candy" (J. Samuel Ryan, USA)
"Occultum Mala" (Darren K. Hawkins, Australia)

- Best Gore:
"Lion" (Davide Melini, UK)
"Obsess" (Rudy Keil, France)

- Best Dark Comedy:
"A perfect lover" (Pierfrancesco Campanella, Italy)

- Best Mystery:
"A strange calm" (Austin Rourke, USA)
(Will Sidaros, USA)

- Best Crime:
"Back Home Late" (Alessandra Guarino, USA)
"Party Favors"
(Michael Mizov, Cameron Taddeo, USA)

- Best Action/Adventure:
"Long Way Down" (Robbie L. Glenn, USA)

- Best Drama:
"Baby in the basement" (Dina Faye Gilmore, USA)
(Ron Clemons, USA)

- Best TV/Web Series:
"The Damned: Three Days Dead" (David NO, Canada)
"The Gliwensbourg Chronicles"
(Emilie Tommasi, France)

- Best Comedy:
"Demon Doctor"
(Joshua R. Pangborn, USA)

- Best Documentary:
"Our shot" (Sage Drake, USA)


- Best Producer:
Joshua R. Pangborn, Ashley Monique Menard for "Demon Doctor" (USA)
Luca Vannella, Alexis Continente, Vincenzo Mastrantonio, Bobby Holland Hanton, Ferdinando Merolla, Roberto Paglialunga for "Lion" (UK) 
Jai Pellerin for "Soon comes night" (USA)

- Best Director:
Davide Melini for "Lion" (UK)

- Best First Time Director:
Dina Faye Gilmore for "Baby in the basement" (USA)

- Best Actor:
Michael Segal for "Lion" (UK)

- Best Actress:
Debapriya Sengupta for "Faith" (USA)
Hannah Kathryn Young for "The flower people" (USA)

- Best Supporting Actor:
Keveon Keggler for "Man" (USA)
Robbie L. Glenn for "Speak to me!!!" (USA)
- Best Supporting Actress:
Tania Mercader for "Lion" (UK)

- Best Young Actor:
Pedro Sánchez for "Lion" (UK)

- Best Young Actress:
Giovanna Bush for "A strange calm" (USA)
Audrey Hawkins for "Occultum Mala" (Australia)
Lotti King for "Vestige" (UK)

- Best Acting Ensemble:
Mark-Eugene Garcia, Joshua R. Pangborn, Ashley Monique Menard, Barbara Thomas for "Demon Doctor" (USA)
Erica Duke, Liston Spence, Mariangela Pagan, Duane Whitaker, Robbi Morgan for "Mark of the Rougarou" (USA)
Ferdi Özten, Sabine Heinen, Daniel Chadalakian Kurz for "Take me home" (Germany)

- Best Acting Duo:
Gianna Aspencade, Audrey Hawkins for "Occultum Mala" (Australia) 
Joe Warriner, Jon Legg for "Vestige" (UK)

- Best Cinematography:
Juanma Postigo for "Lion" (UK)
Nuno Martini for "The great parody" (Germany)

- Best Editing:
Shrader Thomas for "Cheap Devils" (USA)    
Daniel Salinas for "Lion" (UK)
Natalie Kölbl for "Take me home" (Germany)

- Best Sound Design:
Joshua Bawden for "Headspace" (UK)
Christian Valente for "Lion" (UK)

- Best Original Score:
Chris Campbell for "Cheap Devils" (USA)
Francesco Tresca for "Lion" (UK)

- Best Original Screenplay:
"Charlie Horowitz: All Out Life" (Dillon Fuhrman, USA)
"(Dys)Functional" (Adam Nowak, Poland)
"Inked in blood" (Paul Corricelli, USA)
"Program to kill……..??" (Manisha Gupta, India)
"Stalked" (Corey Baker, USA)
"Uninvited guest" (Heidi Barrientes, USA)
"Walks among us" (Cameron Andrew Mitchell, USA)

- Best VFX:
Luca Visual FX for "Lion" (UK)

- Best Costume Design:
Alexandra Beard for "Vestige" (UK)

- Best Special FX:
Paul Antzoulis for "Demon Doctor" (USA)

- Best Makeup and Hairstyling:
Sarah O'Brien, Daniele Nastasi, Niamhy Glynn for "Lion" (UK)

- Best Special Makeup:
Dawn Wells, Crystal Wells for "The short cut" (Canada)

- Best Production Design:
Rae Panas, Rachel Henrikson for "Mark of the Rougarou" (USA) 

- Best Trailer:
"Demon Doctor" (Joshua R. Pangborn, USA)
"Lion" (Davide Melini, UK)

- Best Poster:
"A strange calm" (Austin Rourke, USA)
"Lion" (Davide Melini, UK)
"Re-Elected" (Max Radbill, USA)

- Best Photography:
"Flower Girl" (Tyler Darkow, USA)
"Wear a mask"
(Becky Doyon, USA)

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  1. Thank you so much for this Award ! The Gliwensbourg's team ;-)