Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Sunday, July 5, 2020

"HBHF": Winners of June 2020

It's time to announce the winners of JUNE'S CONTEST!
Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:


- Best Feature:
"9 Ways to Hell" (Nick Dragon, Tai-Lynia Jones, Scott Alan Richards, Emily Louise Rua, Shelly Skandrani, Dillon Wilson, Alejandra Díaz Dominguez, Deven Spencer, Derek Silvers, USA)
"Covered Candor" (Marvin Gabas, Philippines)

- Best Horror:
"The wall" (Marie-Claude Béchard, Canada)
"They're Coming!" (Alisa Robinson, USA)

- Best Sci-Fi:
"Frigid" (Nick Oski, USA)
"The torch"
(Tyce Hoskins, USA)

- Best Thriller:
"A very special Christmas gift" (Kimberly B. Flores, USA)
"Alone" (Lou Di Giorgio, Switzerland)

- Best Fantasy:
"The Enigma men - Marquis of Vaudeville" (Toby Lawhon, Geneva Arena, USA)

- Best Gore:
"Create your killer" (Sarah Giercksky, Sweden)
(Andres Merlos, USA)

- Best Dark Comedy:
"Patrick is outside" (Carsten Woike, USA)
"Zoommoning the Devil" (Alejandro Alberola, UK)

- Best Mystery:
"En Vogue" (Dag Kaszlikowski, Singapore)

- Best Crime:
"Black heart, red hands" (Russell Southam, Australia)

- Best Action/Adventure:
"Covid-19 & me" (Sage Drake, USA)
"Leonidas Dacul" (Leonidas Stanescu, Singapore)

- Best Drama:
"Delphine" (Fábio Brandão, Brazil)

- Best TV/Web Series:
"The confession" (Ernest Serrano, USA)  
"The Jersey Connection" (Tim Firtion, USA)   

- Best Comedy:
"Department 666" (Dave Harlequin, USA)
"The woman I fell in love with" (Drew Crocker, USA)

- Best Animated:
"Lux Clara" (Vukasin Zivaljevic, Serbia)


- Best Producers:
Russell Southam, Adam Spinks, Owen Elliott for "Black heart, red hands" (Australia)
Dave Harlequin, Andrea Gonzales, Jesse H. Knight, Matthew Ketcham for "Department 666"
Tim Firtion, Steve Frato, Gloria Frato, Dairius Elliott for "The Jersey Connection" (USA)

- Best Director:
Sarah Giercksky for "Create your killer" (Sweden)
Dew Crocker for "The woman I fell in love with" (USA)

- Best First Time Director:
Peter Boiadzhieff for "The Secret Project 53 (USA)

- Best Actor:
Romm Burlat for "Covered Candor" (Philippines)
Nicolas Terbeek for "The woman I fell in love with" (USA)

- Best Actress:
Louise Clós for "Delphine" (Brazil)
Jocelyn Mcmahon for "The woman I fell in love with" (USA)

- Best Supporting Actor:
Patrick G. Keenan for "Department 666" (Dave Harlequin, USA)
Peter Greene for "The Jersey Connection" (USA)
- Best Supporting Actress:
Aiswarya Nair for "En Vogue" (Singapore)

- Best Young Actor:
Mathieu Lafrance for "The wall" (Canada)

- Best Young Actress:
Delphine Chalifoux for "The wall" (Canada)
Loden Soleil for "They're Coming!" (USA)

- Best Acting Ensemble:
Kimberly B. Flores, Barbara Colon, Nicheal Gadson for "A very special Christmas gift" (USA)

- Best Acting Duo:
Michael Joseph Pierce, Alysia Ingrim for "The confession" (USA)
Clare Lopez, Amanda Lane Decker for "Yoga Mat Chats" (USA) 
Drew Crocker, Nina Moseley for "You're wrong about her mom" (USA)

- Best Cinematography:
Derek Abel for "Black heart, red hands" (Australia)
Dag Kaszlikowski for "En Vogue" (Singapore)

- Best Editing:
Ricardo Danone for "Delphine" (Brazil)  
Drew Crocker for "The woman I fell in love with" (USA)

- Best Sound Design:
Jude Robins for "Death Offers Life - Last moments of Vincent Van Gogh" (India)
Kevin Murray for "Department 666" (USA)
Arturo Smith for "The last rest stop" (USA)

- Best Original Score:
Marquis of Vaudeville for "The Enigma men - Marquis of Vaudeville" (USA)
Gusse Hoffman for "Create your killer" (USA)

- Best Original Screenplay:
Manisha Gupta for "Check the mate...??" (India)
Dillon Fuhrman for "Charlie Horowitz" (USA)
Geoffrey Gould for "Private number" (USA)
Casey Mensing for "The Home" (USA)
Casey Mensing for "The Picasso Killer" (USA)
Les Zig for "Punishment" (Australia)
Les Zig for "Song of the Shadows" (Australia)

- Best VFX:
Anders Muammar for "Create your kille" (Sweden)

- Best Costume Design:
Gabrielle Leal for "Delphine" (Brazil)

- Best Special FX:
Claire Brooksbank for "We said forever" (USA)

- Best Makeup and Hairstyling:
Ana Carla Ten for "Delphine" (Brazil) 

- Best Special Makeup:
Colin Wilson for "Black heart, red hands" (Australia)

- Best Production Design:
Toby Lawhon for "The Enigma men - Marquis of Vaudeville" (USA) 

- Best Trailer:
"The Jersey Connection" (Tim Firtion, USA)     

- Best Poster:
"Black heart, red hands" (Russell Southam, Australia)
"Department 666" (Dave Harlequin, USA)
"The Jersey Connection" (Tim Firtion, USA)  

- Best Photography:
"Wash your hand" (Becky Doyon, USA)

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