Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Sunday, November 3, 2019

"HBHF": Winners of October 2019

It's time to announce the winners of OCTOBER'S CONTEST!
Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:


- Best Feature
"The Scrotum" (Troy Prater, USA) 

- Best Horror:
"Léa" (Jay Palmieri Jr., USA) 
"Tradition" (Sultan Al Saud, USA) 

- Best Sci-Fi:
"Mens Sana" (Ludovica Musumeci, UK) 

- Best Thriller:
"Fresh" (Tatiana Wisniewski, USA) 

- Best Fantasy:
"Sleep Tight" (Lewis Taylor, UK) 

- Best Gore:
"Crystal: Blood & Sugar" (Marcos Muñoz Flores, Mexico) 

- Best Dark Comedy:
"Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show"(Ryan Rigley, USA) 
"Rotsy" (D. A. Keenan, USA) 

- Best Mystery:
"The Stay" (Frazer Lee, UK) 

- Best Crime:
"One afternoon in the woods" (Connor Webb, UK) 

- Best Action/Adventure:
"Sandwich" (Cheere Cassidy, Australia) 

- Best Drama:
"Barbara" (Valeriy Pereverzev, Russia) 
"My destiny, their call" (Anthony Merchak, Lebanon) 

- Best Animated:
"Shahkboy" (Jake Peckar, USA)


- Best Producer:
Carolina Lopes for "Tradition" (India) 

- Best Director:
Sultan Al Saud for "Tradition" (India) 

- Best First Time Director:
Cheere Cassidy for "Sandwich" (Australia) 

- Best Actor:
Matthew Sauvé for "One night stand" (Canada) 

- Best Actress:
Sarah Del Rio for "Euphorium: Genesis" (USA) 

- Best Supporting Actor:
Mark D'Cruz for "Daemon - The Mirror Lies" (India) 

- Best Supporting Actress:
Pam Renall for "Euphorium: Genesis" (USA) 

- Best Young Actor:
Parker James Fullmore for "Tradition" (USA) 

- Best Young Actress:
Xyra De Roxas for "Sleep Paralysis" (USA) 

- Best Acting Ensemble:
Sarah Del Rio, Kolbe Jackson, Pam Renall, Luke Towle, Jace Warren for "Euphorium: Genesis" (USA) 

- Best Acting Duo:
Adam Daniel, Raymond Morris for "Dollhead" (USA)
Lestonja Diaz, Mika Shepherd for "Fresh" (USA)

- Best Cinematography:
Peter Sikkens for "Tradition" (USA) 

- Best Editing:
Mark D'Cruz for "Daemon - The Mirror Lies" (India) 

- Best Sound Design:
Julio Torres Luna for "Crystal: Blood & Sugar" (Mexico) 

 - Best Original Score:
Aurora Rochez for "The Last Heroes" (Italy)   
Javier Salamanca for "Sympathy for Evil" (USA) 

- Best Original Screenplay:
Steve Brock for "Echoes of Kerberos" (USA) 
Jimmie Rogers, Autumn Rogers for "Haven" (USA) 
Danielle Erlich for "Legacy" (USA) 
Seppe Van Beneden for "Rough Stock" (Belgium) 
Isaac Saldana for "Sympathy for Evil" (USA) 
Phillip Hardy for "The Invader" (USA)

- Best VFX:
Darren K. Hawkins for "The lonely road" (Australia) 

- Best Costume Design:
Anthony Merchak for "My destiny, their call" (Lebanon) 

- Best Special FX:
Paola Laneve for "The Last Heroes" (Italy) 

- Best Makeup and Hairstyling:
Toshi Salvino, Emilia Adamkiewicz for "Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show" (USA) 

- Best Special Makeup:
Zana FX for "Crystal: Blood & Sugar" (Mexico) 

- Best Production Design:
Almudena Caminero for "Tradition" (USA) 

- Best Trailer:
"Euphorium: Genesis" (Cory Rowe, USA) 
"Exolatry" (Michael Kureth, USA) 

- Best Poster:
Erica Verzotti for "The Last Heroes" (Italy) 

- Best Photography:
"Living Dead Girl" (Becky Doyon, USA)

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