Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Monday, April 5, 2021

"HBHF": Winners of March 2021

It's time to announce the winners of MARCH'S CONTEST!

Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:


- Best Feature:
"13 Knives" (William Stancik, USA)
(Noah Marks, USA)
(Eric Ruiz, USA)

- Best Horror:
"Eternal Immurement" (Joseph Pascaretti, USA)
(Joanna Tsanis, Canada)
(Brayan Telleria, USA)

- Best Sci-Fi:
"6 Months in 2063"
(Adam Smestad, USA)
(Michael McCallum, USA)
"Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi"
(Jerónimo Tamez, Mexico)

- Best Thriller:
(Kristian Martin, Canada)
"Hold your breath"
(Kameron Gates, USA)
"Life was wonderful"
(Toy Alan, USA)

- Best Fantasy:
"A walk in the forest" (Johanne Chagnon, Canada)
"After Party"
(Alexandros Zarbis, Greece)
(Anthony Martino, USA)

- Best Gore:
St. Patrick's Day" (Jared Campbell, USA)
"The Serial Killers Handbook"
(Norman Macera, USA)
"The Unwanted Guest"
(Max Willocx, Belgium)

- Best Dark Comedy:
(James Raynor, USA)
(Alex Miller, USA)

- Best Mystery:
(Diego Olivares, USA)
"The beast"
(Lastrajoli Pascal, France)

- Best Crime:
"Smoking Kills" (Harry Pages, UK)
"Sushi night"
(Jack Kierski, USA)
(Josh Minyard, USA)

- Best Action/Adventure:
(Rudy Keil, France)
"Supply & Demand"
(Glenn A. McBride Jr, USA)

- Best Drama:
"Exchange Offer"
(Saunak Mitra, India)
(Matthew Speak, USA)

- Best TV/Web Series:
"Abhor" (Timothy Nennig, USA)

- Best Comedy:
"SirCooly's Easter Short Dawg!" (Christina Barton, Nolan Schmidt, USA)
"That Cake..."
(Alessandra Guarino, Italy)
"The Fiendish Machinations of Lex Luthor"
(Sam Locke, USA)

- Honorable Mentions:
"The Graveyard Shift"
(J. W. George, USA)


- Best Producer:
Toy Alan, DJ Haye, Jenny G. Jackson for "Life Was Wonderful" (USA)

- Best Director:
Timothy Nennig for "Abhor" (USA)
Alexandros Zarbis
for "After Party" (Greece)
Kameron Gates
for "Hold your breath" (USA) 

- Best First Time Director:
Adam Smestad for "6 Months in 2063" (USA)
Toy Alan
for "Life Was Wonderful" (USA)
Ray Lee
for "Zombie infection - Belaban hidup" (Malaysia)

- Best Actor:
Kristian Martin for "Abstract" (Canada)
Paul Ferro
for "Life Was Wonderful" (USA)
Kean Matthams for "Venge" (USA) 

- Best Actress:
Lauren Lathrop for "Bruises" (USA)
Lynne Griffin
for "Mourn" (Canada)
Natalie Kaufman
for "Venge" (USA)

- Best Supporting Actor:
Orestis Tziovas for "After Party" (Greece)
M. K. Raina
for "Exchange Offer" (India)
- Best Supporting Actress:
Katerina Papoutsaki for "After Party" (Greece)

- Best Young Actor:
Vincenzo Amoruso for "Aut Aut" (Italy)
Jerónimo Tamez
for "Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi" (USA)

- Best Young Actress:
Quincy Saadeh for "Alone" (USA)
Xyra De Roxas
for "Trepidation" (USA)
- Best Acting Ensemble:
Natalie Kaufman, Kean Matthams, John A. Esteban, Willow Hale, Tsubasa Uemura, Elias McCabe for "Venge" (USA)

- Best Acting Duo:
Rico Bruce Wade, Michael McCallum for "Choices" (USA)
Michael Joseph Pierce, Eddie Vincent
for "Memento" (USA)
Gonzalo Garcia-Castro, Marise Jimenez for "Sushi night" (USA)

- Best Cinematography:
Olympia Mytilinaiou for "After Party" (Greece)
Leonardo Godinho
for "Menhera" (Brazil)
Gabriel Oliveria for "Life Was Wonderful" (USA)

- Best Editing: 
Kameron Gates for "Hold your breath" (USA)
Sarah Leeper
for "Life Was Wonderful" (USA)

- Best Sound Design:
Kristian Bringedahl
for "Choices" (USA)
Jackson Collins Jr. for "Inked Chair" (USA)
- Best Original Score:
Marlen Vasilopoulou for "After Party" (Greece)
Austin Reed
for "Bruises" (USA)

- Best Original Screenplay:
"All we leave behind" (Paul Rowe, USA)
"BFFs Never Say Die"
(K. Jennifer Ilagan, USA)
(Lee Bailes, Sweden)
(Deborah Kelly, USA)
"Shower shadow"
(Geoffrey Gould, USA)
"Three's a crowd"
(Hanna Field, USA)
(Stephen Dackson, Andrew Friedman, USA)

- Best VFX:
Steve Verdino
for "6 Months in 2063" (USA)
- Best Costume Design:
Paresh Bhowmick for "Exchange Offer" (India)
Bobby Cushions
for "Life Was Wonderful" (USA)

- Best Special FX:
Larry Bakiroglou for "After Party" (Greece)
Kao Miyamoto for "Life Was Wonderful" (USA)

- Best Makeup and Hairstyling:
Appolonia B. for "After Party" (Greece)

- Best Special Makeup:
Telia Stuple, Jonathan King for "Venge" (USA)

- Best Production Design:
Kristian Martin for "Abstract" (Canada)

- Best Trailer:
"After Party" (Alexandros Zarbis, Greece)
"Exchange Offer"
(Saunak Mitra, India)
(Eric Ruiz, USA)

- Best Poster:
"Life Was Wonderful" (Toy Alan, USA)

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