Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Sunday, January 5, 2020

"HBHF": Winners of December 2019

It's time to announce the winners of DECEMBER'S CONTEST!
Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:


- Best Feature:
"The Astronot" (Tim Cash, Canada)
"The Grimoire Chapters - Rem" (Michael Davis, USA) 
"The Ominous Project 2: Macabre File" (Shreco Bakari, Ty June, USA) 

- Best Horror:
"Hunter Vampire Killer" (Jon Isaacs, USA)
"The Stare" (Diego Olivares, USA)

- Best Sci-Fi:
"Gab" (Gazanfer Biricik, France)

- Best Thriller:
"The house named end of the world" (Katsuhide Yamago, Japan) 

- Best Fantasy:
"The sweet hand of the White Rose" (Davide Melini, Italy)

- Best Gore:
"Renaissance" (Justin Bernard Head, USA)
"Rough Love" (Gemma Eva, Canada)

- Best Dark Comedy:
"Cancer" (Vatsal Patel, USA)  
"Lil Detectives A Toy Too Far" (Chad Repko, USA)

- Best Mystery:
"Occurrence at Mills Creek" (Don Swanson, USA) 

- Best Crime:
"Blood, water & money" (Sarah Goldschmidt, Austria)
"Cashed out" (Michael Trainor, USA)

- Best Action/Adventure:
"Love Bites" (Kyle Dockum, USA)

- Best Drama:
"I resign" (Jay Mohan, USA)

- Best Animated:
"The very special day" (Hayatto, Japan)


- Best Producers:
Joe Fishel, Betsy Lynn for "Occurrence at Mills Creek" (USA)
Davide Melini, Fabel Aguilera for "The sweet hand of the White Rose" (Italy)

- Best Director:
Gazanfer Biricik for "Gab" (France)

- Best First Time Director:
Michael Trainor for "Cashed out" (Canada)

- Best Actor:
Carlos Bahos for "The sweet hand of the White Rose" (Italy)

- Best Actress:
Heather Young for "About Maddy" (USA)
Ava Psoras for "Occurrence at Mills Creek" (USA)

- Best Supporting Actor:
Manoj Pillai for "I Resign" (USA)
Jhaquel Nicholson for "The Ominous Project 2: Macabre File" (USA)

- Best Supporting Actress:
Madison Perniz for "About Maddy" (USA)

- Best Young Actor:
Kiran Cash for "The Astronot" (USA)

- Best Young Actress:
Natasha Machuca for "The sweet hand of the White Rose" (Italy)

- Best Acting Ensemble:
Jhaquel Nicholson, Jameka Lewis, Michael Carr, Jr., Heidi Rau, Eryn Murphy for "The Ominous Project 2: Macabre File" (USA)

- Best Acting Duo:
Bennett Frohock, Trey Murphy for "Bloody Sweet" (USA)
Howy Bratherton, Josh Richardson for "The job" (UK)

- Best Cinematography:
Jay Mohan for "I resign" (USA)

- Best Editing:
Nicolas Lossec for "Gab" (France)

- Best Sound Design:
Minica Casbara for "Waiting" (USA)

- Best Original Score:
Mahlon Berv for "Here be Dragons" (UK)
Christian Valente for "The sweet hand of the White Rose" (Italy)

- Best Original Screenplay:
Trey Murphy for "Bloody Sweet" (USA)
Dmitriy Tomashpolsky for "Stranger" (Ukraine)
Davide Melini for "The sweet hand of the White Rose" (Italy)
Michael Kureth for "Thoughts and Prayers" (USA)

- Best VFX:
"The Astronot" (Canada)

- Best Costume Design:
Mita Deepak Patel for "Cancer" (USA)

- Best Special FX:
Rick L. Baker for "Hunter Vampire Killer" (USA)

- Best Makeup and Hairstyling:
Rose Mekhael for "Cashed out" (Canada)

- Best Special Makeup:
Helen Albrecht, Phoebe Measures, Rosa Higgs, Ella Johnston for "Jester" (UK)

- Best Production Design:
Dan Kleba for "Waiting" (USA)

- Best Poster:
"Broad" (Ricardo GarcĂ­a, USA)
"Here be Dragons" (Benjamin Rider, UK)
"Rough Love" (Gemma Eva, Canada)

- Best Photography:
"Dead Silence" (Becky Doyon, USA)

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