Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Saturday, July 6, 2019

"HBHF": Winners of June 2019

It's time to announce the winners of JUNE'S CONTEST!
Many films were simply outstanding... Our sincere congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!
And now, drum roll please!!! The winners are:

- Best Horror: "Terror Road" (Brian Shephard, USA);
- Best Sci-Fi: "The Host" (Pawel Son Ngo, Poland);
- Best Thriller: "Human Resource" (Charles M. Kline, USA);
- Best Fantasy: "Caducea" (Christophe Mavroudis, Belgium);
- Best Gore: "Bad Blood" (Travis Darkow, USA);
- Best Dark Comedy: "Icarus stops for breakfast" (Abigail Zealey Bess, USA);
- Best Mystery: "Ego Sum!" (Waner Biazus, Brazil);
- Best Crime: "The Widow" (Brendan Young, Australia);
- Best Action/Adventure: "Like Wolves" (Michael Silva, USA);
- Best Drama: "Jenni" (Ray R. Hungría, USA);
- Best Animated: "Another Day in Paradise" (Peter Mueller, Switzerland).

- Best Producer: Michael David Charles Hicks for "Eugene vs Humanity" (USA);
- Best Director: Allan J. Arcal for "Without you" (Spain);
- Best First Time Director: Elvira Fox for "Paranoid" (Russia);
- Best Actor: Bruce Nachsin for "Dark Specter II" (USA);
- Best Actress: Daniela Farinacci for "The Widow" (Australia);
- Best Supporting Actor: Michael Ray for "Collar" (USA);
- Best Supporting Actress: Wendi Regalado for "Jenni" (USA);
- Best Young Actor: David Polsky for "The Inside" (USA);
- Best Young Actress: Irene Marcou Pafite for "Petra" (Cyprus);
- Best Acting Ensemble: "Eugene vs Humanity" (Michael David Charles Hicks, USA) and "The Carting Call" (Armin Nasseri, USA);
- Best Acting Duo: Lee Baptiste and Liz Meinders for "The Hunted" (USA);
- Best Cinematography: Humberto Guzman for "The Hunted" (USA);
- Best Editing: Michael David Charles Hicks for "Eugene vs Humanity" (USA);
- Best Sound Design: Luis Jiménez Barroso for "Without you" (Spain);
- Best Original Score: Pawel Son Ngo for "The Host" (Poland);
- Best Original Screenplay: Waner Biazus for "Ego Sum!" (Brazil);
- Best VFX: Tommy Kraft for "The Assassin's Apprentice" (USA);
- Best Costume Design: David Hermans for "Caducea" (Belgium);
- Best Special FX: "Traces of Eliza" (Carlos G. Sánchez, USA)
- Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Sébastien Menegatti for "Caducea" (Belgium);
- Best Special Makeup: Dieter-Michael Grohmann and Johanna Cool for "A Walk in the Park" (Belgium);
- Best Production Design: Waner Biazus for "Ego Sum!" (Brazil);
- Best Trailer: Michael David Charles Hicks for "Eugene vs Humanity" (USA);
- Best Poster: "Eugene vs Humanity" (USA);
- Best Photography: "Blind Vision" (Niccoló Ratto, Italy), "Strain Zero" (Tyler Darkow, USA), "The Sanctuary" (Sonja Josipovic, Australia), "Trepanning" (Tyler Darkow, USA).


  1. Is this your son or grandson who won an award? corinne loewy

  2. Very cool festival. I love all the certificates. Long-life for the HBHF

    1. Thanks a lot Waner! And congratulations again for your awards :D We really hope to can see your next works soon!!!

  3. this is the child who won an award for best young actor. Is this a movie or what? Corinne loewy

    1. David Polsky won the 'Best Child' award for "The Inside" (it's a short film). Well deserved!!!